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Inline inspection

In-line inspection is used to inspect pipelines for internal or external cracks, corrosion, deformations (dents, gouges) or other defects. The regular inspection of pipelines will ensure the continued work and operation of the field with great success . We work with the best companies in the world in this area. Inspection is done by using tools that are referred to as intelligent or smart pigs.

The primary methods in performing an Inline inspection is either the Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) or the Ultrasonic Testing (UT). An extensive cleaning program should be carried out before an Inline Inspection.

Leak Localization & Repair

MORO works with the best companies in the world in leak localization. When a leak occurs in a pipeline it is very important to implement an effective leak localization method to make sure the area affected is identified and quickly fixed. The environmental and economical consequences of an undetected leak can be tremendous and very costly for pipeline owners and operators.

There are many methods in pin pointing  a leak and our partners use the following:

            walking the pipeline

            Differential Pressure

            Helium Leak detection

            Special tracer gases

            Ultrasonic  leak Localization

After locating the leak, we are able to do the repair by using ways such as by installing repair clamps or replacing the bad section.

Please contact us so we and our partners can find ways to help you.

Intelligent Pigging

Intelligent cleaning of Pipelines is very important to ensure continues and uninterrupted work flow. To keep a pipe clean will require regular maintenance therefore a pigging program will need to be designed . This pigging program will have a combination of experience, appropriate technical design, knowledge of the pipeline and excellent planning and management.

Intelligent Pigging instruments can control the inside of a pipeline non-destructively and provide data about length, depth, width and location of a corrosion failure or a crack.

In collaboration with our partner companies we offer intelligent pigging using the state of the art equipment and the best technology in the industry.

Our partners in the industry use the best approved systems to ensure the job is done right and correct from the first time.