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Executive Team

    • Mr Omar Khattaly

Omro Khattaly

Chief Executive Officer

Tel : 218 (0) 91 612 9744 Libya

1 404 665 3700 USA


Mr Omar has various degrees in Global strategic management and General Business. He has extensive experience in Business development and management. He has worked for many top companies in the USA and Libya.

    • Mr Ali Elhalodi

Chief Operations Officer

Tel: 218 (0) 91 370 4734

218 (0) 92 648 3502


Mr Ali, has a high degree in Engineering with a focus on Land and Geo Technique survey and pipeline design. He has over 23 years of experience in all matters related to land surveying using conventional methods and GPS systems. He has done and spent as great deal of time working on many of Libya's major oil fields. He has done work on pipeline design and in line inspection.

    • Mr Walid Amro

General Manager

Tel: 218 (0) 91 381 9428

218 (0) 92 518 8001


Mr Amro has a graduate degree in Engineering and has spent the last 16 years working on various projects with a focus on land survey and water and oil piping. He has worked as a senior consultant on government projects all over Libya. Since 2008 he has been the founder and President of Fessato Engineering & consulting Co; one of the leading companies in Libya.